What kind of Bluetooth Headset?

We have prepared ten practical tips to help you find the right handset in our store. What are the differences between earbuds and earbuds? What features and features of the handset are recommended for use with your smartphone or mp3 player? Which are best suited to travel and which to run? You can find answers to all the questions in the article and video material.

Which headphones will I find at the Komputronik store?

Headphones in our store are available in five main categories:

In addition, the ear and ear models were separated into wired and wireless. If you are looking for earphones you will find them in the “in-ear” category, and if you want to buy large round earphones look in the “ear” category. Each of the above types provides different ergonomics and functionality. They also often differ significantly in the characteristics and sound quality. To find out which will be great for you see the next tips.

Which headphones are best for smartphones?

For smartphones, tablets or MP3 / MP4 players, audiobooks are best suited for earbuds and earbuds that come in one common category called “ear”. We mainly recommend headphones with a remote control microphone. It is located in the cable, can be used for telephone conversations, or control music or audiobooks. The cord of such handsets is generally relatively short, from 1 to 1.5 m, but it can be easily folded and carried in the pocket.

You can be more comfortable and comfortable, even in the headphone cord winding, choosing a model with a flat cable (with a ribbon profile) or enclosed in a material braid. These cables do not melt as easily as thin circular wires. Sample handsets with flat cable and braided cable in the photos below.

What are the differences between earbuds and earbuds?

The main difference is the degree of isolation from external noise. Intrusive earphones go deeper into the auditory canal and have rubber or foam inserts that perfectly seal the ear, isolating the listener from most undesirable external noises. Look at my web blog continue to get a lot more important information regarding the best bluetooth headset. In-ear earphones do not have such gaskets, so they are liked by some runners or bikers (better oncoming cars).

Which headphones are the most versatile?

If you want to use headphones both at home and on the go and you want to connect mobility with good sound quality, go to the “ear” category. On the product page, in the description or specifications under the “Additional Information” heading, search for the mention of folding headband. Thanks to it, the handset is much easier to carry, takes up less space in your pocket or pocket. In the photo below the example of earphones, folding.

Especially recommended models, which in addition to the folding construction are also detachable cable and remote control in the cable. An example is the Sennheiser Urbanite Series. They can be used with a smartphone, MP3 / MP4 player, laptop, and desktop computer. Note that earphones are the ones that lie directly on the ear. If you expect more comfort, then in the “ear” category search for headphones with bigger cushions and pillows. They will fit inside your whole ear. These are so-called round earphones.

I listen to music only at home – which headphones to choose?

If you are looking for maximum wearing comfort and the highest power and better sound quality, then look for the big round earphones. You will find them in the “ear” category because they are very similar to them. The main difference is that their shells (casing) are much larger and fit inside their whole ear. This is very positive for comfort – the unkempt turbinate tire less during long listening.

Larger enclosures also include larger speakers (professional name: transducers) for greater power and better sound quality. Headphones of this type require more power from the audio connector, so they are not always suitable for use with a smartphone, tablet and MP3 / MP4 player. The sound played can be just too quiet.

Which earphones are better? What elements to pay attention to?

We recommend selecting headphones with the widest possible range of frequencies. This feature is given in the technical data under the heading “frequency response”. This will allow you to reproduce a wider range of sounds so that your music or games will sound better.

Many handsets are labeled with a standard range of 20 – 20,000 Hz, which in the most simplified sense means that the transmitter diaphragm can vibrate between 20 and 20,000 times per second. The wider band range will allow you to reproduce more sounds from low tones to the highest tones. So the range of eg 15 – 25,000 Hz will be better. In the specifications of many handsets in our store you will find the impedance of speakers. This applies to both large and small models. In the simplest terms, the higher the value, the higher the value, such as 250, 300 or 600 Ohm, the more powerful the amplifier needs the headset for optimum performance. Headphones with an impedance of over 200 Ohms are usually not suitable for direct connection to smartphones. Mobile devices are recommended for headphones with a value of 16 to 40 Ohm.

The loudness of the loudspeaker is of great importance for the quality of the handset and the playback sound. Usually they are bigger, the better. In small earbuds the diameter is about 10 mm, and in larger earphones usually 30-60 mm.

The highest quality sound you will receive on wired headphones. Wireless models usually use Bluetooth, but they offer more freedom, but sound may be lower. This causes the compression to occur when transmitting audio wirelessly.

What to do when choosing a gaming headset?

If you are considering buying a game handset, you may be interested in the following features:

What are the guidelines for choosing headphones for athletes?

The category “for athletes” includes headphones designed for convenient use eg during running, cycling, or exercise. People in physical activity expect comfort and freedom, so athletes’ headsets should be small, light and well-suited to the ears, and above all moisture-resistant. We recommend the ear and ear models – in our store you will find them in the category “ear”, and in particular the wireless headphones. For very intense activity, it is worth to pay attention to the headset headset, which prevents earphones from falling out of ears.

Will my wireless headphones work with the smartphone I use?

Wireless headphones are available in our “in-ear” and “headphone” stores. All modern smartphones offer Bluetooth connectivity. Similarly, all wireless headsets use this technology. If you buy such handsets, they should work seamlessly with your smartphone. You will find information in our shop in the technical data under the feature “communication with the device”. The “Bluetooth” accompanying code means the version. The higher the technology is, the more modern. Today it will most often be Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 3.0 or Bluetooth 2.1. All versions are compatible, which means that the Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone will connect seamlessly with the Bluetooth 3.0 headset. It is interesting to use in some handsets NFC proximity, which will connect the handset to the smartphone with a touch (no need to configure anything). Example of Bluetooth wireless technology:

Active noise reduction

Headphones with active noise reduction are fashionable to be both wired and wireless. Search for headphones with Active Noise Cancellation, ANC, active noise reduction, or active noise cancellation. Information on this technology in headphones is included in the product description or specifications in the “additional information” box. They are designed mainly for frequent travelers on a bus, tram, train or plane, and need a headset that is well insulated from noise, noise and other noises. Remember that headphones with active noise reduction are powered by batteries (when they are exhausted, they need to be recharged or replaced).

What are the business headphones?

In our “for business” category you will find headphones whose primary purpose is not to play music. They are more often intended for teleconference or telephone consultants (they have a built-in microphone). Then know that you are looking for the right headphones for your business? In fact, you just enter the “for business” category and choose any model from this offer.

An example is the Jabra UC VOICE 150 MONO headset, which has just one earpiece (left ear) so you can have an effective conversation with people nearby without having to remove it. Another approach is the Jabra Evolve 65 MS Stereo, which supports stereo sound and features two ear shells, ideal for conference calls or call center services.

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